Breast Reconstruction

“I have a breast cancer…and then what?” is the title of Pr Pascal Bonnier and photograph Florian Launette’s book published in 2007. Testimonials, photographs, women’s faces; it is the very first time that women’s post-cancer reconstructed breasts are openly shown to the public. This new disclosure seems to effectively demystify and reassure. All the women who testified and showed their chests have been through every single step of a post-cancer reconstruction, so why can’t you?
Many women who encounter this problem are need specific, detailed information to better understand their situation. This is why the following paragraphs describe not only the surgical techniques for breast reconstruction, but also links to different associations. In addition, my secretary can put you in contact with women who have been through the same thing.

In Switzerland, 6000 new breast cancer cases are detected every year (source:, and about one in 8 women will be affected (source: Breast cancer is often associated with removal of the affected breast, amputation, and loss of femininity. This is why it is important to know that reconstruction is possible and can be adapted to every woman’s need.


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