Scientific activity

Within the SOFCPRE:

Secretary of the History Section. Organization of the National Annual Conference Round Tables

  • 2018: History of breasts. History of mastectomy; beginning of breast reconstruction; the controversy of the use of silicon in the United States and in Europe in the 1990’s: what do we make of it 28 years later?; History of reduction mammaplasty; Léon Pérèl (1910-1986) and breast reconstruction.
  • 2019: History of Transplants. Organ transplants and plastic surgery; Joseph Murray (1919-2012) plastic surgeon and Nobel Prize winner Hippolyte Morestin and fat cells graft; History of cartilage transplant.

Head of the work on Ethires Master of Philosophy “Plastic Surgery Mission”

Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgery 2018 Annual Report: Forehead aging. Analysis and treatment. Elsevier.Le rajeunissement du front

Personal work, scientific communications and published articles:


  • Directions and contraindications for breast implants in breast ptosis treatment

SFME 2012 (French Society of Cosmetic Surgeons)

  • How to choose the right botulinum toxin? M. Prevot MD.

ISAPS 2011

  • How to Ensure the Final Breasts Volume in Augmentation Mammaplasty. M. Prevot. MD.
  • Criteria for aging lips in women: a review of 100 cases from 47 to 80 years old. M. Prevot MD.


  • Female lip aging criteria: analysis of 100 women with ages ranging from 40 to 80 years old.


  • Surgical treatment for complications following cosmetic procedures. Marianne Prevot; Jacque Buis; Henry Delmar; Laurent Lantieri.


  • Body cosmetic surgery complications: liposuction and abdominoplasty. Literary review. M. Prevot MD.


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